2018 Boot & Buckle Results; 2019 Sign-Up

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June 26, 2018—

Last weekend was an absolute blast at the 2018 Boot & Buckle.

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—2018 Recap—

The 2018 Boot & Buckle was a success like we’ve never had. Early in the week, it looked like the weather was going to interrupt our plans. Mother Nature steered clear. Thankfully.

This year’s event was different in a few ways.

For one, we added an alternate shot par-3 tournament on Thursday night that took place on the Horse Course. It was massively popular. The winners took home some sweet custom short course carry-bags. Check them out below.

And before the event was underway, we were able to fit all participants with brand new Callaway drivers. Our Callaway rep was able to get every player in the field on the Trackman device and get a driver that “hopefully” helps them find more fairways off the tee (and are closer to the greens).

See everything in the photo album.

Congratulations again, to Tony Caputo and Gene Chevalier!

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—2019 Registration—

To register for the 2019 Boot & Buckle, we are starting the process of taking all sign-ups for the event right now.

To sign up, enter your information into the form here.

We will take entries throughout the rest of the summer, with a random raffle taking place on October 31, 2018. Last year’s champions are automatically inducted into the field for 2019.