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As a member of The Prairie Club, you receive preferential booking access for all pilgrimages.

Please visit our online booking engine, email our team at, or call us at (402) 376 – 1361 to make a reservation for the 2023 season.

Members have very unique booking privileges and we want to make sure you are all exercising those.

Current Rooms Report

We update this report every few weeks to allow members to view the current status of rooms at the club. Our first version of this report will be live in March of 2023.



Dates in Green: OPEN


Dates in Red: DATES FULL

Member Policy — 2023

Every year, we modify our member policy to address the needs of staff and membership.

We know that this membership is a living, breathing entity that requires repeated attention to best serve you.

Here is a link to our updated 2023 Member Policy.

(published January 12, 2023)

Member Rates — 2023
Member Rates — 2023

Our member rates for the 2023 season are posted below. As members, you are privileged to have access to three different rate tiers:


Member: Pricing for all individuals listed on the membership.

Hosted: Guests of a member while the member is present on property.

Sponsored: Guests of a member while the member is not present on property.


As members of The Prairie Club, this is your exclusive membership directory for all members at The Prairie Club.


We are currently updating for 2023 and will have a new version published by January 20, 2023.


If you would like your contact information added or amended, please contact Mandi Loughran:


Post-Visit Surveys for 2023 will be live after the start of the season!

For us, surveying is a key area for us to hear about your experience at The Prairie Club. If you stayed recently and want to leave feedback, please fill out a post-visit survey.



If you’d like to see any and all events for the 2023 season, please see our page dedicated to events. We’ll be updating this with latest information as soon as we have it prepared.


Any questions, email them to Mandi.


The overwhelming majority of golfers will never win an individual golf tournament. This means the elusive hole-in-one is perhaps the crowning achievement in all of golf.


We’re collecting a list of all holes-in-one in club history. Had an ace on property? Submit your ace tale here.


The Prairie Club Foundation exists as a member-driven scholarship program that serves the youth of Cherry County.


Tens of thousands of dollars have been put to work investing in our community.


The mission for this foundation exists at our core.  And it’s membership led.


Find out more (& how to get involved).


On a weekly basis, we’ll upload a copy of the past email from the week before. Find all emails here. Remember, we send out emails every Sunday afternoon at 3PM.


If you ever miss a message, catch it here!

Founder Updates

Our founder, Paul Schock, pens our membership periodically. Usually, it’s with a year-end recap for the season.


Looking to access past updates from Paul? View them here:

Management Updates

All General Manager (Rick Kimmes) and COO (Roger Brashear) updates to our membership can be found here.


From spring check-ins to midseason club reports, see what’s going on from the desk of Rick and Roger here.


Next expected update: Spring 2023 by Roger Brashear.