2020 Couples Weekend Recap — August 7-9


August 13, 2020 —

There was a cloud of uncertainty surrounding this year’s Couples Weekend, among our favorite events every summer. However, once we were able to assemble a proper protocol, we threw the event without a hitch — and gosh, are we thankful.

Hosting the 23 couples was good for our souls.

If you would like to see the Schedule of Events from the event, you can do so here.

In short, it was music, golf, food, and complete relaxation.

On Friday night, Jeff Miguel of Denver, CO played saxophone & flute. He was incredibly talented and filled the Lodge with wonderful notes. It was a joy!

For our outdoor entertainment, we pulled the TV out under the stars and watched an absolute classic — Caddyshack. The laughing echoed throughout the patio.

On Saturday Night, a wine dinner was hosted by Sommelier Hans Maasdam. The most popular dish of the evening was an Etoufee. Many members have requested recipes and we will work to get any popular dishes sent to you.

On Sunday, we held a golf clinic led by Loudan and South Dakota State head golf coach Casey Van Damme. We hope everyone left the practice area a better golfer than they arrived.

SHOT OF THE WEEK: The shot of the day goes to Jeff Schott. Check this out, as he expertly hacks his golf ball from a suspended lie in a yucca plant. Credit goes to his wife for the video!

In conclusion, it was another fabulous weekend.

To see all of the photos, we’ve included them below. However, if you have photos to add to our Album, please send us an email. We’d love to add them!