2021 Policy Reminders

Member Information

May 10, 2021 —

In Roger’s address to the membership, he touched on a few of the policies regarding our membership in 2021.

But reminders are always, always helpful.

We’d like to highlight a few of them.

  • COVID Procedures:
    • Our team has been working with the Nebraska Dep’t of Health to make sure that we are abiding by all COVID suggestions to continue to protect all guests and staff members. One more step closer to normalcy.
  • Member Cancellation Policy:
    • As members, you receive a preferred cancellation policy. Groups of five (5) or more will be assessed a $100/bed per night fee for cancellations within 14-days from the reservation date. Provide us with plenty of notice on changed plans and life remains smooth for all.
  • Dinner Reservations:
    • It worked so well last year, we’re going to keep it going for this year. Every trip you make, please make dinner reservations as you arrive on property. Once you have your reservations in place, please eat at your assigned time. This makes for better service, better food, and better experiences for all. Thank you!
  • Reserved Member Rooms:
    • Heading into reservation season last December, we decided to hold back 50% of all of our rooms for the 2021 season for members, releasing them only inside of 30-days for non-members. This has provided another incredible benefit for members.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Mandi at any time and she’d be happy to provide you with answers.