2022 Events Update


March 10, 2022 —

Now everyone, please flip to page 2 of your 2022 calendars.  Raise your hand if you’d like to read aloud.

Jokes aside, here’s a thirty-thousand foot level reminder for our 2022 events.

  • Opening Day (May 12):
    • Really no news. We’re desperately looking forward to it and while we have so much to do before that day, we’re thrilled to usher it in.
  • The Boot & Buckle (Jun 23-26):
    • If you’re either a participant or a member of the waitlist, you should have received a message last week detailing an update from Loudan Steffes.  We’re in planning mode for another full and memorable weekend in June 2022!
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  • The Hooey (Aug 5-7):
    • This event is full for 2022, as well. Year-after-year, this event picks up momentum and steam. And it’s an absolute blast! If you have desire to participate in 2023, get your names in early.
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  • The Homesteader (Oct 6-9):
    • Moving this event to season’s end has been great.  It allows for a member-only way to close the season.  It just feels right.  That said, this is the only event of remaining this season with available space to participate.  If you’d like to register, please reach out to Andi and she’ll register you​.  It’s a rockin’ way to end the year!
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We’ve updated our Events page​.

We will continue to make updates to this page.