A Brand-Spanking New Format for the 2018 Jackrabbit


February 27, 2018—

We’re changing it up for this fall’s Jackrabbit at The Prairie Club.

After three years of hosting The Jackrabbit, our team got a bee in our bonnet (an idea).

We’ve decided to completely overhaul the format for the college-amateur event played on the eve of the college championship.

Jackrabbits Past

Historically, we’ve conducted the event with four-man teams, playing a 5-ball/two-scores format among their group, which included a college golfer (a 5th).

But here at The Prairie Club, we like upping the ante.

The reason? To make the amateur portion of the event more enticing and competitive.

So, we went bolder.

After all, with the changes we’ve made, there are no events like this at The Prairie Club.

A New Format

This year’s Jackrabbit weekend is Fri., September 28th & Sat., September 29th with the three-day college event starting on Sunday morning (September 30th).

Amateur Event: Sept. 28-Sept. 29

College Event: Sept. 30-Oct. 2

The 2018 Jackrabbit is going to feature a brand-new format, pulling from events at other locations to create a completely unique golf experience at The Prairie Club.

Here’s the new layout:

  • Two-person teams
  • 36-holes of golf
  • No handicaps
  • No formal tee boxes
  • Tee times on Friday, September 28th and Saturday, September 29th

See now, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to let the golf course do the handicapping for us.

Here’s the format:

  • All golfers start from the front set of tees.
    • Make a birdie, move back a set of tees.
    • Make a par or worse, stay on the same tees.
  • As players make pars and birdies, they’ll continue to move back sets of tees.
  • Good players will be playing most of their rounds from the further back tees.
  • Higher handicap players will have a better chance to score from front tees.

We’re still working on the details, but we think this is going to be an exciting format for all participants.

Want to join? 

For more information on how to sign-up and how to reserve a package for the weekend, please contact our team.


(let us know that you’re interested in The Jackrabbit)