An Homage to the Sandhills


November 6, 2022 —

Paul Schock joined the club, sight unseen, back in 1996.

He had only read about the project spearheaded by Dick Youngscap, but was enthralled by the mission.  That, and he loved they were striving to uncover world-class golf in middle America, a place often over-looked for golf.

That was almost thirty years ago.

A wonderful piece was done by Roger Welsch back in 1999 and it aired on CBS Sunday Morning.  We wanted to share it with you this morning (hence why we’re sending this on a Sunday Morning).




YouTube user names are odd and hilarious, like “OwnedByACatNamedC.C.,” but OwnedByACat left a comment on the video that is bound to resonate deeply with anyone familiar with the origin story of the Sand Hills Golf Club.

“So good to see some long familiar faces, but hard to accept the reality that this great segment would be considered by many viewers to have aired many years ago. To me, as my folks & their folks before them would say, it “seems like it was just yesterday”.”

Paul would agree.  He’s made the comment many times that Dick and the SHGC group were pioneers for golf, not only in Nebraska, but in the world, and our team has sought to honor their work.

Anyways, it’s a fun video for a Sunday morning.

If you’re finding yourself nostalgic about golf in the Nebraska Sandhills, and Sand Hills GC itself, there was another superb video done by Ron Whitten and his team back in 2018 on Golf Digest.

You can watch that here.