Spring Course Updates | April 2016

Brandon's Course Updates

April 26, 2016—

With as mild of a fall we had last year, I’m pleased to say that the winter and early spring we have had have been just as good, if not better, to the courses.

This winter we received plenty of moisture — a trend that has continued nicely through the spring and even today!  We’ve also avoided the extremely extended cold/dry spells we experienced the past two winters and have already seen some good grass growing temperatures this spring (especially the overnight lows). All of this has allowed us to charge the main irrigation system the earliest we ever have, and I’m not sure I’ve seen the courses in this good of shape this early in our history.

Every hole on all three courses has been mowed twice already (a huge testament to our full-time staff, as mowing nearly 200 surface acres of fairways and greens is not an easy task with three people!), and the grass is literally getting better every day that goes by. Taking that top material off by mowing really makes everything look better too.

Another benefit from all of this happening so early is that we are able to focus on the detail work this much sooner. We’ve already begun fixing small desiccated spots on a few greens and fairways. We’ve also removed all of the hay bales from the bunkers and have begun cleaning them up for the year, as well as adding extra sand to the areas our beloved wind so lovingly blows away every winter.

Every green on the property has already been fertilized and we began aerifiying them last week — over a full week earlier than last year which will greatly help come opening day.

It all adds up to a lot of work for Roger Brashear, our Director of Agronomy, and his maintenance crew, but it’s a real labor of love for them. Barring any drastic weather events over the next few weeks, we are really anxious to have you all come and enjoy how great of shape we think the courses will be on opening day.

I hope you all enjoy the next few weeks, and the staff and I will look forward to seeing you on your first Prairie Club trips of the year.



Ross Buckendahl, Director of Operations