Brand New Carts for 2017

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May 19, 2017—

Fresh buggies. What a nice way to kick off the golf season.

Yes, we’ve made a change to our golf operations for 2017. After months of research and discussion, we’ve partnered with Yamaha to acquire a new fleet of golf carts.

They arrived about two weeks before Opening Day. They look exceptional and drive wonderfully.

Take a look at a few photos:

We’re really optimistic with the list of benefits of having brand new carts. Here are a few:

  1. Gas-operated carts will relieve a massive strain on operations and “dead carts” on the golf courses. Truth be told, the cart industry has had a difficult time creating a battery that does the things golf at The Prairie Club fully requires. Our golf courses are massive and one trip around them puts a strain on a full battery. Couple that with dust, dirt, bumps, and our eager guests seeking another 18 in the afternoon, and the battery carts were on their last leg. Dead carts required our staff to make numerous trips (sometimes up to 20 per day) replacing carts about to die on the Dunes and Pines courses.
  2. Quietness was key in making this decision for the Club. Electric carts are the premier option when looking at quietness in a golf cart, but Yamaha’s technology in recent years delivered this model of cart, one that absolutely shocked our team. It’s hard to believe this cart is a gas cart. We did not want to disturb the experience at all for our guests. Making sure we acquired a quiet cart was essential. We were impressed by Yamaha’s product.
  3. Independent suspension was a value add, for sure. Each of the wheels operate on their own suspension and the dispersion of pressure should make these a smoother and more durable ride for golfers. After all, a cart needs to be tough to handle the prairie for 120+ consecutive days of golf.
  4. GPS will not be lost. It was a concern of ours, but we’re very happy to know that all of our Visage systems will remain uninterrupted.

Here is what Paul Schock, our founder, had to say about the carts in this spring’s member letter:

“We have a fairly significant announcement regarding our carts. We decided
this year to switch from our electric carts to a new gas cart made by Yamaha.
Allow me to explain. First, you simply will not believe how quiet this cart is.
After a VERY modest initial start up noise, it virtually runs as quiet as an
electric cart. This cart is taking the market by storm. Additionally, gas carts
will solve some SIGNIFICANT problems we’ve all had with our electric carts.
The biggest has been just running out of juice. Likely most of you have
experienced the difficulty of a cart dying on you out on the course, and us
having to bring a replacement out. Further, often, you and/or your guests had
to wait to tee off in the afternoon for the carts to recharge. All of these
problems go away. You will continue to enjoy our GPS system and we think
overall you will be very pleased with this change. I was very reluctant to go
along with this on account of my concern to protect our pristine environment,
but after riding in the new carts, these concerns were taken away. And just as
an fyi, Sand Hills Golf Club and most of the other clubs in our region all use
gas carts, for all of the reasons I’ve described above. It was the right decision
for the Club, and I give a pat on the back to our team for making the call. This
will benefit everyone and I’m excited for you to take your first trip in one.”

We’re really pleased with the new golf carts.

After all, something nice about receiving something brand new and shiny, right before the season starts.