Burge Mercantile Open for Business!

Club Updates

May 19, 2023 —

A project we’ve been working on for well over a year has rounded itself into shape and we were excited to have it open for Opening Day — our Burge Mercantile!

It is fully-functional, kicking out mid-round libations, and is already an awesome addition to our food & beverage operation. (It’s also a great spot to grab a breakfast burrito before your round).

Take a look!


If you remember, we named the mercantile after the old Burge Trail that passed through the area many years ago.  The original trail was nearby to where the clubhouse sits today.

Multiple members shared the story of the trail when we took a members-only naming poll in April of 2022.

Throughout the year, we’re going to offer drinks and snacks for a quick turnaround, while also having breakfast and lunch options for those looking to maximize their golf while on-property.

We’re really excited to see it up and operational.