Chef Eric Miller Returns to the Club for 2018


March 11, 2018—

When Chef Eric Miller left The Prairie Club in 2015 to start a restaurant in his hometown of Sisseton, SD, we missed him.

However, Miller returns to Valentine for the upcoming 2018 season. For those of you who have experienced a meal created by Chef Eric, you’ll be pleased to hear!

After a successful few years as the Food & Beverage Director at Hillcrest Country Club in Yankton, SD, Chef is excited to be back at The Prairie Club.

A quick note from Chef:

Hi members,

It feels good to be home.

When the opportunity came about that I could join the team again, I was so excited. My heart and soul truly never left Valentine.

When I came back into town, I was greeted with hugs at the grocery store in town. It really does feel so good.

I had a great few years with the Hillcrest team in Yankton and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity their team extended me. I learned a lot and hit some awesome goals with our team up there. They are a great group.

This year, I’m thrilled to continue to push myself—and our food & beverage operations at the club—to new heights. Alongside Brandy, Ben, and all of the returning faces, I think we’ll kick up the food & beverage operations another notch.

This summer when you make the trip, come to the club hungry.

— Chef

Chef promises to add fresh new ideas to the kitchen here on the prairie.

While he plans to keep the main menu consistent, the aim is to pursue fun features and unique menu offerings like elk, sea bass, and other interesting imports (you know he and the team always come up with amazing stuff! Stay tuned on email.)

Additionally, the menu will add several lighter, healthier options—something our members and guests have been requesting.

We will continue to pursue Nebraska’s best beef, and Chef plans to put an emphasis on fresh, local cuisine whenever possible. It’s sort of our style.

Guests staying multiple nights can look forward to added variety in their menu options as we also plan to revamp the 97 menu for special events and members who visit frequently.

Be sure to say hello to Chef Eric the next time you arrive on property.

He is thrilled to be back home in Valentine and serving us at The Prairie Club.