Couples Weekend Recap — August 3rd-5th, 2018


August 6, 2018—

Couples Weekend was again a highlight. We have so much fun with this special event each and every August.

And the credit goes completely to those of you who take part. You bring so much energy and make it so fun for our team to host. Our staff looks forward to it every year!

The photos show an absolute blast.


The weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon with a “Who Am I?” mixer event in the Eagle’s Nest. The game was hilarious and the costumes were a riot. This year’s winner of the mystery game was Angie McKie, with best dressed going to Muriel Nelson. Check out their outfits in the photo album.

Saturday was “Couples Paint & Sip,” golf, star-gazing, and massages available throughout the day. It was a day to relax and enjoy.

Finally, on Sunday, Chef Eric taught us all how to make his “Famous Tortilla Soup.” This soup is incredibly delicious! To those who learned that recipe, hopefully you’re able to use it sometime in the near future. It can be your secret weapon for guest parties.

If you have fun ideas for participating in next year’s event, please send them our way. We’d love to consider them in continuing on the tradition of this highlight weekend.

Thank you all for participating.