Course Conditions: June 2018

Brandon's Course Updates

June 22, 2018—

This time of year, things are pretty basic.

We’re seeing a lot of golf on our grounds, so we’re forced to be more hands-off with the meticulous care reserved for the fall and spring.

It’s the maintenance mindset. Which is a great position to be in.

We were, however, able to top-dress the property with sand and seed last week. We also applied a layer of PGR (grass growth regulator) which helps us with the frequency in which we need to mow the property. This suppresses the growth of the grass as the summer wanes on.

This is massively helpful with labor costs and utilizing our team’s efforts to best cover the 225 acres of turf on the property.

We’re in mid-summer care of our greens, as we’ve been doing some verti-cutting.  This should help with green speeds and help the grass grow in healthier and cover more surface. The verticut process is extremely important, as it both improves the condition and the roll, but it helps cut the grass appropriately so it stands on end, instead of laying down.

Right now, we’re cutting the fairways at .500″, tee boxes at .450″, and greens at .095″. This has the greens rolling around a 10 to 10.5 on the stimpmeter and we’ll keep them at these heights through the end of the season.

We were working with temperatures in the mid-60s all of last week. We were due for some precipitation, but we didn’t get what we thought we needed, so we needed to run some night water and spot watering on some fairways.

It’s good, because with temperatures in the 100s in early June, we need the moisture.

Our summer mowing schedule started on June 1, 2018. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we’re closed for an hour on each golf course to let the mowers move through. We stay out of the way of the golf and it gives us a great opportunity to get at the courses to improve

A few projects that will require some focus in the coming weeks will be the cartpaths on both 15 Dunes and 3 Dunes.

This week, we’ll be using the Horse Course for our Boot & Buckle, and we couldn’t be more excited. It will be a blast to have the Horse Course back and operating again.

The golf courses look phenomenal. Let’s see you sometime soon.