Course Conditions of Winter: January 2018

Brandon's Course Updates

January 10, 2018—

Our first course update of the year—and the course has snow.

Overall, things on the golf courses are holding up really well over the first few winter months.

As many of you saw in our December email, our team finished applying a wood-mulch layer over all of the greens on the property. This helps insulate the grass and repels a lot of the moisture that could wreak havoc on our golf course with a poor winter.

The process took a few weeks, but is extremely valuable in the spring. All of this is part of our long-term plan for winter maintenance on our golf courses.

Temperatures over the early part of the week melted off a layer of snow, which has since been replaced.

The next week will throw precipitation, lows in the single digits, and highs in the mid-to-high 40s at us. Thankfully, the turf is withstanding all of it.

Take a look at a few photos taken the past few weeks: