December 2019 — Course Conditions Update

Brandon's Course Updates

December 9, 2019—

Since the courses officially closed for the 2019 season, our agronomy team has been operating at full speed to prepare the turf for another Nebraska winter. 

Fortunately, not much changes year-to-year. Our guys have refined an effective winterization process that yields healthy grass come spring. 

While the weather is unpredictable, our preparation is not, and the good news is that the winterization process has proceeded according to plan thus far in the postseason. 


Aerification is a crucial part of course maintenance. 

And since no golfer wants to play on bumpy turf, our agronomy team works diligently on the aerification process during the quiet times. 

This year, the team had a new aerifier back in action that contributed to their achievement of 200 aerified acres in 15 days. This included all fairways and green surrounds. Greens will wait to be fully aerified until May 1st.

Turf & Bunker Winterization

Following the aerification, the team top-dressed each fairway and green surround.

As the temperatures dropped, so did the mowing frequency. The grass is mowed until its growing season is over and has entered into dormancy for the winter.

For snow mold prevention and harmful moisture perforation, the greens were coated with a fungicide and a generous layer of wood mulch in early December. These steps are key to preventing winter damage to our greens. 

As for the maintenance of the blowout bunkers — this can be a challenge. After all, the wind keeps wanting to reshape this land. We combined the use of some 1,200 hay bails on property with tarps and totes to protect the surfaces. 

It’s just another labor-intensive process that our team tackles to fight the brutal prairie winters! 

Blowing Out Irrigation System

In the early part of November, the miles of pipes in the irrigation system were blown out to prevent freezing. This is usually done based on the temperatures we’re seeing and the rate that winter is hitting us!

All good again this year. 


From time to time, sodding and re-sodding helps repair various damage around the courses. 

Sod was laid near some cart path entrances and exits, as well as around a few bunkers that were subjected to erosion. 

The new tee on Dunes 18 was also sodded this fall. Take a sneak peak.

This will be a great vantage!

The courses are well prepared for the winter, but we still hope and pray for moderate weather. The weather is the “x” factor, no matter our approach.

We will update you on the course conditions again once the snow has lifted in the spring. 

Until then, stay warm.