Course Conditions Update: September 2017


September 24, 2017—

The golf courses look fantastic as we embark upon the closing stretch. We’ve said it all summer, but the work done by our short-staffed maintenance team has been nothing short of incredible. Under-staffed and over-producing—a great job done by our entire team.

On the practice tee, we’ve done some work on the North hitting tee, while utilizing the South tee more in recent weeks. Hopefully this helps the North practice tee better recover into the late fall, so it’s ready come spring again. With the busy season we’ve had, the range tees have taken a bit of a beating.

Strong systems and diligent focus have the turf conditions throughout the property in great playing condition as we head into our final weeks of the season.

Precipitation (and some low temperatures) will yield to nice weather in the 10-day forecast as we finish September and head into October.

Soon, we’ll start prepping the courses for the off-season with a steady program of aeriation and watering. We’ll update everyone with the plan for the golf courses over the closing days.

But while you have the chance…get out and enjoy these conditions!