Darla DeWit’s Unexpected Morning on the Pines


January 20, 2022 —

The day was Friday, September 17, 2021.

It was a normal September morning at The Prairie Club for the DeWits, their second morning on property.

The weather — crisp, sunny, and light on humidity with a gentle Nebraska breeze — was idyllic. 

Around 9 o’clock in the morning, Darla and Norm DeWit of Garretson, South Dakota teed off on the Pines. The couple decided to make a late September trip in 2021 after Darla had made mention to Norm that she wanted to play again before the snow flew.

“I hadn’t really golfed all summer and I honestly think it was the second time I went out to play all season,” Darla said about their fall trip.

“And Norm and I were just doing our thing.”

‘Their thing’ is a simple format where they alternate tee shots.  This gives them the ability to hit a variety of shots and a variety of different clubs.  It’s their unique way to keep things fun and interesting.  

At the club, we’re all about fun and interesting.

Little did they know this morning would be more than just fun and interesting.  It would be a morning to hold a special, life-long memory.

The golf hadn’t gone great through five holes, but as they got to the par-3 sixth, Darla pulled out her 5-hybrid and took a swing from the forward tee boxes.



Darla strikes it.

“Oh sure, now you hit a good shot!” Norm needled, as Darla’s ball started soaring toward the green.  

The day’s hole location was toward the front of the green, sitting in plain sight.  As Darla’s ball reached the green, the shot carried a new found expectation.

“She hit it over to the left and it bounced down to the right off the bank,” recalled Norm.  “Once it landed and bounced, it rode the slope down the hill and I could see right where it was going.”  

The ball was funneling toward the hole.



You know what happened next.

“It was a great shot, we could see the whole thing from the tee box,” Norm remarked over speaker phone. 

And when approached to tell her story, Darla hesitated.

“Honestly, I don’t want it to be such a big deal,” Darla said, with a sheepish tone.

Oh, Darla.  We take hole-in-ones seriously out here!

What a shot, what a day.

Congratulations, Darla!


  • 5-hybrid
  • 101 yards
  • Pines 6
  • September 17, 2022 at 10:36am
  • Darla DeWit


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