June 1, 2022 —

On June 10th, Tom & Linda Denham will be flying back to Nebraska.

Tom will again, assume his place perched behind Pines 18 green, bagpipes in tow.

He is hoping that his first night playing will be the Thursday of the Boot & Buckle (June 23-26). They are hoping to stay through the first week of August.

As many of you know, Tom wasn’t sure if they’d ever be coming back.  As if the global pandemic and international travel restrictions weren’t enough, Tom had been struggling for years with arthritis in his hands.   He also had surgery on his thumb.

However, he’s been feeling better, playing more, and wants to enjoy the Nebraska prairie for as long as he’s able.

His playing schedule has not been solidified yet, but he hopes to play 3-4 evenings per week.

We’re so excited to have the Denhams back.