Farewell, Jeff Wrage

Brandon's Course Updates

January 2, 2021 —

With new years, come change.

And when you have a wonderful and talented team, you expect that talent to both come to the club, and leave when the time arrives.

Before the holiday, our Dunes superintendent Jeff Wrage disclosed that he has accepted a job offer in Norfolk, NE to be the Director of Agronomy at Norfolk Country Club.

Here’s a statement from Brandon Arens, our Director of Agronomy:

We are very excited for him as this is the next step in his career and have no doubts he will do great things for them.

Jeff was on-site here before there was grass on our property.  He grew up in Valentine.  He’s grown up with this club and has added so much to this property. 

His work will be missed and I’ll miss seeing him pull up in his gator to the maintenance shed once he’s gone.

We know he’ll do great things in Norfolk.

Sadly, this means his dog Elvis is leaving, too. 

This is probably music to the ears of many of our members located in Norfolk or those who frequent that area. NCC is among Nebraska’s oldest clubs and has hosted many great championships over the years.

Jeff will add to the special things Norfolk already has going.

We’re proud to see him take this opportunity.

Jeff will be starting in early January. His wife Becky and daughter Brenlee will join him after the school year concludes.