Fiesta on the Prairie — Mexican Thursdays


August 7, 2022 —

Thursdays at The Prairie Club have taken on a flair for fiesta!

A few years ago, Mexican Wednesdays were incredibly popular among members.  Remember, Chuy’s enchiladas?

In July, we decided to bring it back!

Instead of Wednesdays, this year, we serve our “Fiesta on the Prairie” on Thursday nights.  It’s our only night during the week where Paco, Manny, and Juan all work together.

Next time you’re with us on a Thursday, you’ll have to choose between any of the delicious menu items:


  • Paco’s Carne Asada
  • Manny’s Chicken Enchilada Verde
  • Juan’s Pork Quesadilla


Join us on Thursdays through the rest of the season!

Photos below.