Final Standings: Season Long Majors Contest; Winners Announced

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August 14, 2018—

Two things became abundantly clear as golf’s final major closed out the 2018 major championship season.


  1. We need a better name for this season-long event. “Season-Long Majors Contest” doesn’t cut it. We’re now accepting suggestions.
  2. One of you should have selected Brooks Koepka.


At the time of the pool, Koepka was ranked #10 in the world and part of the 1-10 player pool. He would have been the gold mine in this major season, notching both the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship and over $4 million in payouts.

Koepka or no Koepka, we just tallied up the final rankings of our season-long competition.

Congratulations to fellow member Dave Renning on his victory!

The performance by Adam Scott at this past week’s PGA Championship sealed his season-long victory. Check out the final standings.

Mr. Renning will be awarded the grand prize of a stunning 20 x 30 print of #18 Pines print, along with some pro shop credit. Here are the rest of the winners


All five of this year’s winner relied on their final pick in the category of 51 & higher, as the performances of Adam Scott and Tiger Woods were crucial in their solidifying a place inside the money. Remember the format from earlier this year? Every pick counted.

A reminder that next year’s majors will be in a different order, as the PGA Championship moves to May. But we’ll get it started a few weeks before the 2019 Masters to continue to make this annual member contest better and better.

Do any of you have ideas for wrinkles we could add to the contest for next year to add intrigue? If so, email us!

Congratulations again to all of the winners. That was a blast.

The winners will be contacted via email with their winnings.