Food and Beverage Policy Reminder


It’s early in the season, so we figured it would be a good time to touch base on some policies at the Club, so we’re all on the same page for your future visits. Our Outside Food & Beverage policy stands as stated:

· No outside food or beverage is allowed to be brought on to the premises.

· The Prairie Club is responsible for the sale and service of all alcoholic beverages in compliance with state, county, and city laws and regulations. However, we do allow outside wine to be brought in, for a corkage fee, so long as it is something we don’t have available.

· A $100 fee will be enforced for any violations of this policy.

Our team is always happy to help provide a tailored experience.

If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, we encourage you to let us know prior to your arrival and we ensure we have multiple options to suit your needs. Please also feel free to let us know of any beverage and snack preferences you would like to see at the Club.  

If you have questions on this policy, you’re always free to call Mandi and discuss your plans for a trip.

Thank you,