Golf Digest Name Dunes Course #1 on ‘Most Fun’ Golf Courses List

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October 23, 2023 —

Ron Whitten — course architecture legend — set out in a recent Golf Digest column to rank the top-13 ‘most fun’ golf courses in the nation, in his eyes.

But first he had a question to answer.

What makes a golf course fun?

Bill Pollak, a prominent figure in the sports agency realm, eloquently encapsulated the heart of golfing enjoyment:

“How well does the course encourage you to return?” 

Thus, set the standard for Whitten’s ‘most fun’ list.

Whitten followed.

“With that definition in mind, I’ve scoured my memory for courses that I’ve considered fun primarily because of their architecture. This list includes only public-access courses—which means checking off each course is a realistic pursuit for anyone. I hope everybody gets to play them, so you can experience the sort of joy that I’ve felt.”

Securing the #1 position on the ‘Most Fun’ list is a resounding testament to our unwavering dedication to providing an extraordinary golfing experience that transcends all boundaries.

This one, we’re proud of.

See the full list.