Greens Sprayed for the Winter

Brandon's Course Updates

January 6, 2022 —

It almost looks fake once we get the greens sufficiently covered.

As temperatures really started to dip — the fellas saw it coming in the forecast — we knew it was time to get the turf some much needed protection from the elements.

Every winter for close to a decade now, we’ve covered the greens with wood fiber hydromulch.

As Andrew Getty posted on Twitter, “the goal is to help protect against desiccation.”

The beauty of this hydromulch product is that it is permeable and we’re able to water throughout the winter months, as well.

You live and you learn and this is a huge element toward providing such an incredible product during the summer months.

The product will stay on until we have sustained periods of warmth in the spring. Usually, our spray off comes in March.

Once Brandon, DJ, and Andrew got the greens covered, they headed out to the Nebraska Turfgrass Conference this last week (Jan. 4-6).

Here are a few photos of getting the greens covered.