Join our Member-Only Facebook Group!


April 25, 2019—

It’s been a consistent request of membership over the years — to have more community with their fellow memberships. So our team got together and we feel we have a great solution.

We’ve created our very own, private Facebook group reserved exclusively for our members!

Add yourself to the group today!

While we know all of you aren’t active on Facebook, we do know there is a strong member presence on the social channel, so we created a closed group where our Membership Director Mandi Loughran will manually add members.

This group will be flush with news, updates, stories, pictures, and more! 

Also, consider this a place where you can connect with other members, post about upcoming trips, and engage with other members. We’re excited about this community!

Also, what is this about The Prairie Club adding a mascot? We will posting all news to the page from an account titled “Sandhill Crane,” as represented by one of the members of our team.

I guess it’s our first mascot!

We’re thrilled to offer this group to our membership. See you in there!