Summer Course Update | June 2016

Brandon's Course Updates

June 16, 2016

The end of this week marks one month since Opening Day. Time continues to move, even on the prairie, a place where it seemingly stands still for so many of our guests.

With our staff on-site in place and operating in full swing at all areas, we were able to get a report from Roger on the conditions of the golf courses. We gave a snippet in the last email about the agronomy staff’s optimism.

Last year when Roger arrived at the Club and was able to first work with the golf courses, he found that some aeration was needed, particularly on the Dunes fairways. In a typical golf season, courses are expected to aerate at some level 2-3 times, giving the roots added oxygen and allowing the fertilizers to do their job in the turf. Last year, Roger and his staff aerated 7 times. With the size of our courses, this is a tremendous number.

The reason for such excess in aeration was to strengthen the grass and remove any buildup that takes place during years of mowing and course work (called thatch). Doing such extensive aeration put an added time burden on Roger and his staff, but he knew the hard work would provide fruit, as the turf looks to survive our nasty Nebraska winters.

Roger notes that our location lends the facility to some of the most difficult grass growing conditions in the country. If we were further north, the grass would get precious insulating snow cover. Further south, the weather is warm enough to keep the grass healthy throughout off months. He understood the need to intensify the strength of our grass.

Along with a good winter, Roger and the staff spent time making sure the courses were getting the moisture they needed. This meant additional watering, on top of the good moisture the winter provided.

This spring, the plan paid its dividends.

With the combination of aerified turf, consistent moisture, and helpful spring weather, our courses are good shape. If Mother Nature continues to work with us, we feel good about where the courses will be for seasons still to come.

Those who have played in 2016 can attest to the current state of the turf. For those who haven’t played, it’s time you schedule your trip.