Kitchen and Bar Improvements Throughout F&B


February 1, 2022—

Every offseason, we work to improve.

Some years, this is done by adding new people to our team, defining or redefining of roles, and exploring the processes that can be improved.  It’s all done with one goal in mind — to improve your experience here on property.

This year, that approach begins by drastically improving our food & beverage infrastructure.

There was so much more that we wanted to do, but for Phase I, we’re making some significant improvements to the kitchen and bar tops.

As Rick puts it, “one of the most common things we hear from our members and guests is the quality of our team.  We decided to start thinking about the true operational improvements that will make their lives easier.

All of this leads to better and better service.


Bar Upgrades

Big moves are happening on both bar tops — the CapRock’s and Eagle’s Nest’s.

The most notable is that we are moving each bar out 12-18″. This allows our staff more “drink makin’ space.”

We’re also adding some of the essentials: adding glass washers, additional liquor shelving, a bigger ice bin, and more working space.

Look at the difference in space!



Some of the greatest efficiencies are going to come in the picture below, where the Eagle’s Nest bar is currently “closed off.”  We are going to open that up, so that servers have access to the “dumb waiter” (aka, an old fashioned term for the food elevator).

The bar top in the red circle will be torn out.

Our plan is to implement a service work station and a place to make cocktails easier.  The efficiencies for our team will be fantastic.



We’ve already gutted the bar in the CapRock, too.

That one will be moving in the next few weeks.



We’ll keep posting pictures as they come.


Kitchen Dry Storage

We’re also making our first official addition to the Lodge in years.

Take a look at the new enclosure behind the kitchen, in progress.



Before, this was just miscellaneous space — maintenance stuff, a little patio for our staff, and a place where we would grow some tomatoes during the summer.

We decided to put this space to use adding a ton more space for dry storage.  In the short term, this greatly expands our storage space in the kitchen, increasing the flow back there.   At the same time, it gives us options in the future to add coolers and freezers.

This will be fantastic.



Plenty of more projects in the works.

Stay tuned for those.