Linda Wortman Makes Improbable Hole-in-One


September 14, 2022 —

They make the four hour drive about a half a dozen times per year.

Linda Wortman and her husband Dan have been members at the club since 2010.  Membership at The Prairie Club has been their retirement and they’ve made a habit to treat the club as their home away from home.

On September 4, the couple made their way out to the Pines Course for an afternoon round of golf.  It was their sixth trip of the season.  They drove over from West Point, Nebraska in the morning and got on the golf course as soon as they arrived.

Once they got to Pines 3, Linda pulled out her driver, and took a big swing.  As her husband puts it, “she either hits a pitching wedge or the driver.”

“Great shot, Linda, wow!” yelled Dan. “It’s probably just over the back of the green.”

They didn’t see the ball land.

So Linda walked around the green to the back of the green, near the long grass and started looking for her ball.  Dan went to his ball.

For a few minutes, Linda searched in the weeds.  She couldn’t find her ball anywhere.

It wasn’t until Dan strolled up to the green and walked over to the flag.

“Linda, come here once,” he said, as he looked into the bottom of the cup.

Sure enough, an ace!

From 124-yards, Linda secured the second hole-in-one of her life.

They celebrated with a Blackwatch Brownie (on the house) in the Lodge.

Congratulations, Linda!!

Tour the hole here.