Lion’s Club “Monkeying Around” Event: April 28th


May 2, 2018—

We dusted off the Pines Course on Saturday and opened it for play—the first golf of the season.

While definitely premature for perfect conditions, the course had a ton of healthy turf and provided a great day of golf. After all, it just felt good to see the ball flying through the air again.

We had over 40 golfers come out in support.

It’s become a bit of a habit the past few years, hosting this event creatively called “Monkeying Around for Kids.” The event came to our attention in late 2016 when a few young children from the Valentine community were diagnosed with cancer.

In partnership with the Lion’s Club, we wanted to help.

As a destination golf resort, we aren’t able to host events like this during our season, as we’re typically full with resort guests. So the event was set for an April date and arrangements were made.

The event is $100 per player and all proceeds go directly to the charity itself.

Since the inception, we’ve been able to raise $15,000 for the community.

And there’s a happy ending with some good news. We’ve recently received word the two children diagnosed over a year ago are doing much better and are on the path to full recovery. Such encouraging news.

If you’d like to make an additional contribution to this fund, please email and she’d love to connect you.