Loudan Steffes Takes on NBC Nebraska’s Spencer Schubert


August 21, 2017—

In a recent edition of NBC Nebraska’s “Spencer vs. the Pros,” evening anchor, Spencer Schubert visited The Prairie Club to test his skills against our own Loudan Steffes. And Loudan did great!

The recurring segment features Schubert, a golf fanatic, traveling to local clubs to play with the pros and learn a bit about the different courses. The segment spans 19 weeks and features 18 holes on 11 different courses.

In this particular edition, which has been airing throughout Nebraska this month, Schubert meets with Loudan, who shows him around Hole #2 on the Pines Course as well as Hole #8 on the Dunes course.

The two began on the Pines Course, and after a brief overview from Loudan, played the hole, with Schubert making par and Loudan a birdie.

From there they moved on to the Dunes Course. Loudan gave Schubert a few pointers on the difficult hole, and then the pair went head-to-head. After an impressive second shot, Loudan made birdie, while Schubert came in two strokes behind with a bogey.

Overall, the pair played both holes well, with Schubert joking that a theme had developed of setbacks for him and birdies for the pros.

We were excited to be featured on this fun little tour of Nebraska golf courses. Check out the footage below, by clicking the links.

Hole 2 – Pines Course

Hole 8 – Dunes Course