MAILER: Year-End 2020 Membership Mailer


January 9, 2021—

Over the final few months of 2020, our team aggregated everything from the season and put it into our signature year-end mailer.

The mailers hit last week.

Here was everything the mailer entailed, along with links:

  • A Letter from Paul Schock (digital copy here)
  • A 2020-2021 Member Journal (read it here)
  • A freshly-minted 2021 calendar (order extras)
  • A few new (2) green vinyl membership stickers (made exclusively available for members), perfect for computers, YETIs, coolers, golf carts, etc.

If you did not receive a package, please send an email to Membership Director Mandi Loughran.  

We’ll be sure you receive one.