Meet Goose, a Golf Ball Hunting Extraordinaire


November 14, 2020 —

Perhaps you’ve already met Goose during a round on the Dunes Course. Either that, or you’ve met Goose’s dad, Elvis.

Taking care of the Dunes Course is a family affair.

Goose, pictured above (right), is the son of Elvis (left). Both are the pups of the Wrages, Jeff and AJ. 

Jeff is our Dunes Course super and has been with the club since its inception in 2010. Last year, he added his younger brother AJ to the team full time.

Both men get help from their black Labs to keep the Dunes in tip-top shape.

Sure, Goose and Elvis like velvety smooth fairways. But something Goose takes exceptional pride in is his prowess for finding wayward Pro V1s.

It started when Goose would gnaw on golf balls as a puppy. Once he learned there were golf balls hiding out in the grass, he went on mission.

The 11-month-old pup has since honed his nose for golf balls. In 2020, he has forgaged for more than 1,500 golf balls (and counting)!

So next time you blast that brand-new golf ball into weeds out on the Dunes and think to yourself, “Well, that’s gone forever” — think again.

There’s a pup on the loose whose nose is already on the prowl. 

Great job, Goose!