MEMBERS: Super Bowl LV Contest Results

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February 8, 2021 —

Sunday’s Super Bowl provided a massive let down for every Chief fan, Chief bettor, Tom Brady hater, and casual fan who simply wanted a great viewing experience.

Not simply winning the game, Tampa Bay’s utter dominance was a surprise to the majority of the football world.

MAJOR props to Andi, our Director of Guest Services, who was the only member of our on-site team to correctly predict a Bucs victory.

Nice work, Andi!


As for the member who correctly predicted the outcome and score — quite frankly, none of you were really even close.

Except for our friend Mr. Green from Grand Island!

Congratulations to J.J. Green, who picked both the Tampa Bay Bucs and had the final score pegged closest, at 44 total points.

J.J., keep an eye on your mailbox!

Fellow member Mike Atchity of Omaha predicted a score of 35 total points and was the only other member close in terms of score. He had the Chiefs winning.

Thank you all for playing and we’ll see you at this spring’s Eagle’s Nest Open.

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