Members Who Passed in 2022


December 28, 2022 —

Finally, as we close out 2022, we’d like to recognize and remember a few of our members we lost over the past year.

First, Mike Robson, a member of ours from Abilene, Kansas.  He passed away in June and would often bring friends with him on his trips to the club.  Mike loved his time spent at The Prairie Club and he will be missed around here.

You can read about Mike here.

Second, Pete Balzer of Silverthorne, CO passed away, also in June.

Sadly, both members passed within just a day of one another.

Pete was a life-long outdoorsman and he and his wife Karla were avid travelers.  Among places most special to him were the Sandhills of Nebraska.  His obituary mentioned as much.  Pete’s presence will be missed.

Read more about Pete here.




It is always sad to read of the passing of members, but it always means so much to us to know that some of their best days were spent with our team.