Our Dinner Menu

Where ribeye meets table. View our entire dinner menu from starters to main courses.


Come ye’ weary golfers, ready to feast like prairie kings.

Dinner Menu


Our Prairie Lunch Menu

Whether speedy pit stop, or casual sit down, our prairie lunch menu has a wide array of palate satisfying options.


Sit or sprint, we have what you need.

Prairie Lunch Menu


Our Event Menu

Humans gather.


And when we do, we should have a menu worthy of celebration. Explore our event menu to see the catering options our team can provide for your next big outing at The Prairie Club.

Event Menu


Our Approach Shot Menu

Our Approach Shot menu is our Nebraska-themed version of an apps menu. As you all know, the barbwire bites are the most popular, but you truly can’t go wrong on this menu.


Take a peek.

Approach Shot Menu


Our Wine Menu

From California cabs to crispy New Zealand whites, our wine menu spans the globe.


View our options and let our team know if you’d like to request a wine option for your next¬† trip.


Wine Menu


Our Dessert Menu

Find a little room, we know you can do it.


Our desserts are filled with prairie favorites. After your last bite, you’ll be just about ready to hit the sack. View our desserts here.

Dessert Menu


Our Cigar Menu

“A cigar list for aficionados…” as GolfWeek declared back in 2010.


Peruse our cigar list and make sure you and your group have the cigars you need for your next stay.


Still updating yet for 2021…

Cigar Menu