Mystery Bags

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May 3, 2020—

What is a “mystery bag,” you ask?

Well, here’s how it works:

Contact our team with your nameshirt size, and the package you’d like. We’ll do the rest! No colors, brands, or styles will be permitted. You give the size and we’ll send the apparel. Hence, the name of the promotion. 

The breakdown:

  • 3 polo golf shirts — $180.00 
  • 2 shirts and 1 outerwear piece — $200.00 
  • 1 shirt and 1 outerwear piece — $130.00

All orders will add tax and shipping upon order. We will have no refunds.

Bonus: Anyone who purchases will receive two [2] free sleeves of golf balls with their purchase!

Email Loudan if you’d like to place an order. Or easier yet, give our Pro Shop a call. 888-402-1101; Option 2 during business hours.