Naming Our “Lodge Halfway House”


April 26, 2022 —

The Dunes has one — our Saloon serves up ice cold beverages on the open prairie.

The Pines has one, too — the Canteen is the loveliest “third-way” house in all of golf, allowing guests to frequent twice(!) during their rounds.

But what about a quick-stop for the folks on the way to their second 18?

That’s where we put our minds together for 2022.

A small, underused storage area next to our Pro Shop is going to be revamped into a place to grab a quick bite, a quick snack, and get out for the rest of your round!

Thing is, we need help naming it

That’s where our members come in!

Think about what fits along with Saloon, Canteen, Halfway House and the other names found throughout our property.

What do you think we should name it?

Submit your ideas here.