New Photos: Jeffrey Bertch (Fall 2022)


October 2, 2022 —

In August, our golf courses hit prime condition.

Quickly, before we go on much further.  Our agronomy team is incredible.  It’s stressful work, you know, being responsible for the health and vitality of 140 billion blades of grass property-wide.

But despite droughts, storms, winds, and more, they face the elements and strive to provide a golf experience worthy of your drive.

It is no short order, and the way the golf courses looked this September is nothing short of a miracle.

Alright, before the team starts blushing, the reason for the story.

One of the world’s leading golf photographers, Jeffrey Bertch, was on our property in August as the courses hit their peak.  He captured hundreds of photos and drone shots for the archives.

We just got them back from editing. His work is truly stunning.

Prints can be made available directly through the photographer.  Contact him here.

Here are a few of our favorites: