One Month Left of Bagpipes


July 11, 2019—

Summer flies.

But we know this. It’s part of the tradition. Anxiously wait all winter for green grass to arrive and watch helplessly as the days flutter away.

So take advantage!

We’re already over 50 days into our golf season for 2019 and it’s been already a few weeks since Tom made his annual trip from Sterling, Scotland to join us — bagpipes and all.

A simple reminder to all — Tom and Linda will be on-site for another month only. They will be leaving in the early part of August (final date not officially confirmed).

If you’d like to hear bagpipes in 2019, please contact our team by filling out a member reservation request.

These next 30 days are really starting to fill up, so take a look at our most recent rooms report, find availability, and come see Tom play!

Here’s a recent taken video of Tom: