Our 2021 Scholarship Recipient: Kitra Cody

Foundation News

June 9, 2021 —

Kitra Cody has the type of smile that brightens even the largest of rooms.

Good thing, because when our spacious lobby has guests bustling about, that smile fills the entire thing.

For anyone who’s been out either this year or last, you probably met Kitra working at the front desk—running folios, checking in guests, and taking reservations over the phone.

She also lends a hand to our accounting team upstairs.

For the 2021 season, Miss Cody was awarded our Foundation Scholarship at The Prairie Club.


Kitra Cody pictured here with member Mr. Geoff Fox at the front desk.


Kitra grew up on a small ranch south of Cody, Nebraska (coincidence, we know), a ranching town 35 miles west of Valentine. On the ranch, Kitra learned the value of hard work and dedication. She credits her upbringing for the work ethic she exhibits today.

“Our lifestyle was centered around the value of hard work,” says Kitra.

Her post-secondary education brought her to York College in York, NE, where this coming spring she’ll be a 2022 graduate.

Her applied work ethic allowed her to pursue a triple major in business administration, business management, and accounting, all from York. She hopes to continue with a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

The Foundation scholarship will aid her immensely in her pursuit of completing her bachelor’s degree.

“It’s the biggest scholarship I’ve ever been awarded,” she noted.

“It’s such an immense relief to know that I can focus on completing my schooling.

This scholarship helps reduce my school debt and it feels great not having to stress as much about the things outside the classroom.”



At the club, Kitra has been a “do-it-all” type employee.

When she first arrived on-site, we were short H2B help, so she dove in cleaning rooms with our hospitality team.

Once our team filled out, she moved into a role at the Front Desk.

“Kitra has been a wonderful addition to The Prairie Club for the last two years,” said Andi Steffes, Director of Lodging.

“Her infectious personality and attention to detail have quickly made her an integral part of our team. We look forward to working alongside her this season, and seeing what she achieves moving forward!”

Lyle Dencklau, the club’s controller added, “She is quick and sharp and has a sense of humor.”

We’re thrilled the Scholarship of America program awarded this scholarship to Kitra.

When asked about her favorite part about working at The Prairie Club, she answered simply.

I love meeting people who have traveled from all over the world to get here.”

We invite you to pass along a congratulations next time you see Kitra.


To learn more, read up on our Foundation Scholarship here.

To make a donation to our Foundation Scholarship, please contact Mandi Loughran.