August 25, 2022 —

We’re blessed with some amazing employees here at The Prairie Club.

Leading the charge among them are employees like Logan Cate, our 2022 Foundation Scholarship recipient.

“That’s awesome he got it!” said Director of Agronomy Brandon Arens, when he learned of the announcement. “He’s an incredible team member and just a smart kid.”

That sentiment is shared property-wide.



Logan is a local kid from Valentine, graduating from Valentine High School in 2020.

His mother, Michelle, works at the Wells Fargo branch in town.  His older brother Lyle works in Rapid City.

Logan’s father passed away when he was in middle school.

“He’s had to go through some life experiences,” shared Rick Kimmes. “But it’s amazing to be around kids like him who have a great outlook, work hard, show up, and are team players.”

The 2022 golf season marked his third summer at the club, starting on the maintenance team during COVID, then moving up top to our outside services team under Loudan Steffes.

He’s been outside helping guests check in for the past season and a half.

“He’s always on time, works well with everyone, and interacts with our guests well,” said Loudan. “I really enjoyed having him on my team.  He’s great.”

Logan has loved working at The Prairie Club and hopes to be back for a few more seasons before he graduates.

When asked what he liked more, working on the agronomy team, or working up at the Lodge, he had to think about it.

“Both are really great, but watching sunrise across the prairie on mower is hard to beat,” Logan said, as he laughed.

Logan also loves to play the game.  He estimates his handicap is between 8 and 12, but he doesn’t keep a GHIN. He played golf in high school in Valentine.

His love of the game is part of what drew him to the club.

“He’s just so positive,” said General Manager Rick Kimmes. “He brings an incredible energy and I think I speak for everyone our here when I say that Logan is just fantastic.”



Last week, Logan made his way to Lincoln to start his junior year where he’s studying Supply Chain Management, with a minor in Finance.  This scholarship is going to be a huge help.

“I’m really thankful I was selected for this.  I know I have some great co-workers I was going up against, but I’m just honored and thankful to the membership at The Prairie Club for doing this.”

When asked about his degree and his ambition, Logan gave some thought and answered.

“I’m not really sure what I want to do quite yet, but I’m loving school and the campus life at UNL.  I’m making great friends, learning a lot, and I’m having a great time.  I could see myself being an analyst some day, or perhaps work in private equity.”

He’s involved all across campus in groups like the Big Red Investment Club, the UNL Supply Chain Club, and the UNL Poker Club.

He’s on pace to graduate in the spring of 2024, but he either is going to graduate early, or add another major.

Knowing him, that’s no surprise to any of us.

Congratulations, Logan!