Our friends have left us…


Last weekend, Tom Denham let loose on his iconic bagpipes for the final time of 2016.

He and his wife Linda were again a joy to have around this year, although the time flew by far too fast. It reminded us of the value of great friendships in this world, and what it means to have Tom and Linda with us each year.

They left the area last week, headed for North Carolina to spend some time with close friends. From there, they embarked on their journey back across the sea, to Sterling, Scotland to again be with their beloved family.

We’re hopeful that they’re able to join us again in 2017, and we’re optimistic they will.

But in the meantime, we captured some incredible footage of Tom and his bagpipes while attending his post behind 18 Pines. Stay tuned…we’re excited to share with you!

Thank you, Tom and Linda, for adding to our treasured bank of Prairie Club memories.