Pivot! Our 2023 Couples Weekend Recap

Club Updates

August 8, 2023 —

When the weather starts doing “Nebraska weather things,” we sometimes have to pivot.

For weeks, our Events staff (primarily Becky and Krissy) had been keeping their eyes — like hawks — on the weather forecast for Couples Weekend.

Their main motivation? Making sure the outdoor Garden Party provided for an idyllic outdoor environment.

The forecast looked clear.

But the threat of showers remained somewhat likely. We’ve received a number of rain storms this year that didn’t show up on forecasts.

We got all set up and were ready for the garden party.



Then, on Saturday afternoon, the Nebraska wind started howling.  Hours worth of set up time was getting blown across the canyon.

There must be something about outdoor dining and 25 MPH wind gusts that don’t mesh?

Pivot time!

With our amazing staff of girls, we were able to get everything set up on the upper patio, somewhat sheltered.



Then, another Mother Nature curveball, as the air temperatures plummeted and even sitting on the deck became a feat only for the hearty.

Pivot time, again!

This time, members joined in and we were able to get everything set up in the main lobby.

It was a flurry!




That’s how life is out here. Something unpredictable sits around every corner. Our members know that full well — hence their desire to chip in and make for quick work.

To those who helped — thank you!  You are seen and appreciated.

Just another element that makes our membership so wonderful.



Golf Recap

As for the Hooey, we almost had a repeat winner!

Chris and Lori Huisken (pictured below) edged out the defending champions Todd and Stephanie Pospisil on the final hole of the shootout.

It was a fun golf event.  See the full results below.



First Flight

Chris and Lori Huisken 66 Gross Champions

Andrew and Jennifer Thompson 67 Net Champions

Second Flight

Zac Holoch and Courtney Holoch 71 Gross Champions

Todd Pospisil and Stephanie Pospisil 64 Net Champions

Third Flight

Jim Thayer and Deb Thayer 76 Gross Champions

Gary and Julie Steffensmeier 69 Net Champions


Overall Champions

Chris and Lori Huisken

Best Dressed Couple and 70s Disco

As for 70s weekend, the event was a riot.

Our best dressed couple was Andrew & Jennifer Thompson.  As you can see below, they were decked out. (They also do such a great job going all out).

We could go on and on, but the second best thing to being there is scrolling through all of the photos.



Almost everyone showed up in something groovy.  To see all of the photos, click here and scroll through.

It was a rip-roaring time!

The food received a wide array of compliments and everyone put in so much energy into the events, that by 11 o’clock, everyone was in bed!

Weekends like this make us thankful for a place on the prairie to have fun and members to share it with.

Thank you all for coming.