PURE GOLF Vol. 1 — Official Release


May 27, 2021 —

This is a project a long time in the making.

Many of you may remember both versions of our Home on the Range—”The Inaugural Edition” released in 2016, and our “Second Edition” released in 2018—both featuring stories and images from the club.

Some of you probably still have copies sitting on your coffee tables.



For 2020, we had plans for a 10-year anniversary publication.

However, with all of the concerns surrounding the year, we put plans on hold. But as we pressed forward into the season, through what became a successful (and extremely busy) season, we brought this project to completion to kick off the 2021 season.

This magazine features stories about our golf design with our design team, recipes from our kitchen, breathtaking photos, and interviews with industry leaders.

It is our honor to present it to you here this week.

We have reserved copies so that every single member will receive at least a copy. Next time you’re on-site, talk to Mandi or a member of our Front Desk team, and they’ll be sure to get you one.

You’ll see these magazines scattered throughout the Lodge throughout the summer.

We’re excited to share with you PURE GOLF Vol. 1.