Rece Jordan Receives The Prairie Club Foundation’s 2019 Scholarship


June 10, 2019—

Thanks to the generous donations of our members, The Prairie Club has the privilege of awarding an annual scholarship to one of the Club’s many hard-working student-employees.

The award aids the higher education pursuits of its recipients, and is awarded by Scholarship America’s selection committee.

We are pleased to announce that our 2019 recipient is Rece Jordan.

Rece is an outside service member at The Prairie Club, and is currently in his second summer with us.

Around the Club, Rece is known for his friendly personality and hard-working nature. We are certainly lucky to have him as part of our team.

Working as an outside service member has helped him develop many beneficial skills for his career interests. One of which is his sociability, where he gets to meet and talk with all sorts of guests.

“Two years ago, I was a little awkward and felt uncomfortable talking to people. [Working here] has really developed my social skills.”

His work ethic and character will serve his career ambitions well. This fall, Rece is headed to South Dakota State University, where he will study biology in the pre-dental program. Eventually, his goal is to graduate dental school.

His decision comes after an experience shadowing his cousin, who owns her own dental practice. He quickly fell in love with the work, and knew that he would enjoy studying the topic in school.

With eight more years ahead of him, Rece is fully aware of the big commitment to his schooling. That’s a big part of why he is so thrilled to receive the scholarship award.

“It’s life changing,” he says.

Following his required schooling, he hopes to buy into his cousin’s practice and build more locations throughout the region.

We’re very proud of Rece, and are looking forward to seeing where his ambitions lead him.

The annual scholarship was made possible through the creation of The Prairie Club Foundation back in 2015.

Its mission is to further empower the young people of Cherry County and the surrounding region. It is an important way to impact the future of these young people.

In the words of Paul Schock:

“I know I do not need to explain to you the value of education nor the value of financial aid in making higher education a reality for our students. But I do want to simply encourage you to join me in this project and making a lasting mark these lives whom have already contributed to yours and mine.”

If you haven’t run into Rece at the Club yet, be sure to introduce yourself and congratulate him on his hard work and accomplishments.