Rooms Report at the Club—September 4, 2018

Member Information

September 4, 2018—

The season is winding down, but there’s still time to get a reservation on the books!

Booking rooms can be quite the process—and we understand. There are group members to contact, dates to confirm, and prices to relay. To help our members get the easiest access to our Club, we felt it would be valuable to provide access to the Rooms Report that we generate on-site for internal purposes.

Take a look!

This report will provide you the data to know when there are slow dates and when would be a good time to come to the Club.

After all, it’s nice to know the Lodge is full before taking the time to call down and speak with our friendly Front Desk attendants.

Keep in mind, our team has been able to successfully utilize a waitlist system. We can sometimes work with even our busiest of days to work things out in your favor.

We aim to update this bi-weekly.

Here is the report for September 4, 2018: