Rooms Report | June 1, 2023

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June 1, 2023 —

[From email sent on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.]

One service we hope to provide all members weekly is a simple email update specifically centered around room availability.

While this week’s is going out first thing Wednesday, these emails will be typically sent every Tuesday (that’s this email!).

The email will provide two simple reports for you.  Let us help you understand them.


  • Availability By Room Type.
    • This is the first report below.
    • It is a 10-day forecast and showcases the number of available rooms, sorted by room type.
    • We receive feedback from members frequently asking which room types are available. Each member has their own favorite way of enjoying this property.
    • Red dates are full.
    • This is a fluid report and changes almost hourly, so this report is bound to vary, so please be patient if other members book a room you see on this report.
  • Rooms Availability.
    • This is the second report.
    • Many of you are familiar with this, as we’ve been sending these for a few years.  This gives you a better snapshot at the rest of the calendar beyond 10-days.


Remember, using provides you with the opportunity to see availability, as well.

Take a look!