Scholarship Recipients: Where Are They Now? Rece Jordan


May 7, 2020 —

Freshman year looked a bit different for Rece Jordan than most.

Up until our globe was upended by a widespread virus, Rece was enjoying one of the funnest, most transformative years of his life. 

You might remember Rece from the Outside Service department, greeting you as you arrive and cleaning your clubs after a day of golf.

As a diligent worker and student, Rece was deservedly granted the scholarship award from The Prairie Club Foundation in 2019 — an award graciously bestowed through the gifts of the Club’s members.

Now, as a recent conqueror of his freshman year at South Dakota State University, Rece reflects on the past year with mixed emotions.

“[The end of the semester] was definitely a bummer,” says Rece. “I partially missed out on one of the most exciting years of my life thus far.”

Since we last touched base with Rece, he had declared his major as pre-dental. Not atypical for most freshmen, Rece quickly learned that his predetermined field of study did not fit his interests entirely, and he has since switched to business and construction management.

“I’ve always enjoyed construction. I took classes in shop and welding in high school, and I believe I have a creative mind to really excel [in construction].”

During his senior year of high school, Rece and his friends fixed up an old, nearby shed into a mancave. Everything from reflooring to repurposing old barnwood, this place received a total transformation.

With a genuine satisfaction that is so commonly found through construction work, the bug was set for Rece. 

Looking to one’s hobbies can often be a strong indicator of a well-suited profession. We wish Rece well as he pursues this new path.

Despite the surprise end to the semester, Rece has taken a mature approach to the ordeal. 

“I have to be honest — it’s better to make money than to spend it,” he chuckles.

Since the spring semester was officially moved online, Rece has returned to his home in Valentine, Nebraska, where he works on his uncle’s ranch until The Prairie Club opens for the season.

As for the coming sophomore year — things are still uncertain as to whether campus will be open. Wisely, Rece is optimistic about it.

One thing is for certain: We are excited to have Rece back on property this year.His strong work ethic and upbeat personality will be a bright light for the staff and guests.

If you have a background in business and construction, consider reaching out to Rece. We’re sure he would appreciate the counsel.