Soren Jacobsen Takes On Dunes Course (NEWS)


June 4, 2017—

Soren Jacobsen’s day on the prairie was unforgettable.

“I’m in the middle of the Nebraska plains, I never imagined being here,” said Jacobsen in a recent interview on NBC Nebraska.

But Soren was, smack dab in the middle of the vast Nebraska prairie on the home stretch of a trip that took him all across the country. His quest continued on from The Prairie Club and onto Fossil Trace Golf Club in Golden, Colorado. From there, only a few more stops until he’s home.

KNOP-TV’s Derek Kopp covered the story last week and aired it North Platte and their affiliate markets.

Soren said this before his round, after seeing The Prairie Club and Dunes 1.

“I haven’t hit a ball in i am already in love with this course.”  —via Twitter. He then took this image:

To keep tabs on his journey and course recaps, follow him on Twitter (if you use Twitter!)

As we see reports from Soren, we’ll be sure to report. It sure was fun to be a part of his expedition.