Spring Course Update | May 2017

Brandon's Course Updates

May 16, 2017—

It’s opening week and we admit, we find it hard to be more excited about the condition of the golf courses. Spring is always a bit of a crapshoot. This spring, we’re very pleased. [Sigh of relief and a smile...]

Coming out of winter, golf courses always run the risk of any number of issues and ailments. Preventative measures taken during the fall months definitely play a role. Cooperating weather plays a bigger role. This winter, we’ve been both diligent and lucky.

Diligent watering, aerification, and maintenance the last few weeks of fall always pay huge dividends come spring. A nice winter complimented it nicely. That’s the luck part. 

Our summer maintenance team has been on-site for a few weeks now, polishing up the edges of the golf course and starting to run a consistent mowing schedule on the fairways and greens.  

Four weeks ago, we aerified all 46 greens for the final time of the offseason. We know the importance of early and late season aerification. We make an effort to punch as often as possible during the periods where we’re not receiving play. No guest wants to putt on greens with tiny punctures, no matter how minute. So the offseason is our time to do our green punching. We want to be sure all putts—the birdies and the bogeys—all roll smooth.  The work has paid off for Opening Day.

Some news!

New Tee on 17 Pines

One of the big changes we’re excited for on the season is the addition to #17 Pines.

A brand new tee box will go into play on the final par-3 of the Graham Marsh design. The new tee was put in for a few reasons. First off, we love the shot from there. The change in angle creates an attractive visual in contrast with the front bunker. Secondarily, a tee shot from this angle will be a bit more challenging, as the green is more narrow from front-to-back.

But aside from the design features, having another fantastic tee shot will only give our guests more playing options. We love playing options. And it will take a lot of needed pressure away and allow the turf to recover on the original tee box.

The yardage will play similar to the other tees already in place. A rock wall was installed to help retain the sand and prevent erosion. It’s a cool shot. The sod has settled in and it’s ready for play. 

Here are a few photos:

Work on 17 Dunes

Both 17s received some work this offseason.

We’ve made it part of our mission to go into “mushroom removal mode” this year. The mushrooms in the bunkers, although cool on some holes, are a nuisance on many others. They are maintenance nightmares and don’t add to the experience of the golf courses. So we’ve hacked some out. Here’s an example, below:

Anyway, the golf courses look phenomenal.

In the words of Roger Brashear, of Director of Agronomy, “just come out and enjoy.”

We can’t wait to see you.

—Your Prairie Club team